Perfectionism is not what is commonly understood but is an urge to constantly make better, although entropy seems to get the better of this urge hampering the capacity of the mind in its endeavor making it realize in the end that effort is not the way, that the perfection that is already there cannot be in any way improved




If after having a glimpse of the Devine presence of god there arises in you an urge that you are some how better than others, then you are still where you started from, ego has again entered from the back door and has survived yet again and some dimension of understanding is still lacking.

Thought always ignores awareness

An effect of modern lifestyle, thought has almost become automatic and has started to ignore its source. It is awareness which knows it all but we have favoured somehow thought to know. Awareness knows of its existence, you just need to ask and it shall reveal that “I AM” and it only can reveal this not thought. It is a state which is absolute being and cannot be hence described by thought.

It just is…

A simple awareness that can be practiced is to find that alert awareness which observes and animates this outward attention which observes the object, now if you pay attention you will notice that this outward attention if devoid of the urge to know will become pure attention or awareness and if you are able to observe and see the mental manifestation of tension in the form of blocked energy which happens because you are exerting force because you are unable to fully understand the phenomena being observed, you will arrive at that which is the source and simply observes. Slowly you will realise that you have to loosen your frantic force full grip on all that which is a part of your consciousness and due to which a reaction in your mental energy sphere is created. By this you will arrive at that which observes without any effort or reaction but yet knows all. This pure awareness just is.

It is unconscious engagement with life which takes you away from it and the moment you clearly observe your folly you are there. This field of pure awareness is the field of all possibility and pure intelligence unsullied by memory of any kind.

Awareness to freedom

Attachment in relationships, well has been misunderstood, it is not what it generally is thought of as being. When you say you are attached, there is an element of desire in the sense that their a certain demand at the psychological, practical level. It might also be an impression of awe over the other persons achievements and this too can cause an attachment. So attachment always has some desires attached to them therefore an attachment though valuable at a certain level, cannot be deeper than that which fuels it, the demand or desire. Attachment is in the domain of duality so is subject to the forces which are dualistic and plays accordingly. An attachment can be refined and it can be shallow depending upon the psychological makeup of the subject or the person. Duality operates at the level of cause and effect therefore remains limited but yet at that level can be used graciously by the one who understands the dynamics well and has gone beyond these dualistic tendencies into the depths of self and known the source of animation of these difficult to deal with personality traits which they remain until not transcended.

An attachment can be to things, to people, to concepts, to ideas, to habits etc and the common theme is that in all these and other cases attachment has an anchor thought, demand, desire etc which keep the subject engaged and unconscious of the perils of this level of entanglement. The only tool to break this unconscious entanglement is to become fully aware of its working mechanism and to see how it engages the reactor which is your mind and by this awareness alone their will be a release of that energy which was fuelling this phenomena and you will feel this release. But don’t mistake yourself into thinking that you have done it. This awareness which is a level higher than what you had earlier requires that you break all such unconscious patters by reminding yourself again and again to snap out of this self sabotaging loop of unconscious behaviour. You will have to be persistent, that is the only way.

When you are able to observe any emotion which has been happening unconsciously and has been keeping you in that state of entrapped existence, you will see that this awareness alone is enough to set you free but to keep free you must be more aware so that you don’t get trapped by a new pattern or mistake a more refined patter for pure awareness.


A difference in attitude is the thing to have, if you look for the best way to get the things at hand done you have a positive attitude this is one way to have a better focus because you have an edge of positivity. Another way to maintain a focus is commitment to make the best effort with confidence. All this has a belief at its core not a hope but an intend which is like a thermostat which keeps you there no matter what and you always merely want to give your best and find the best way. Positive beliefs increase your potential which helps to take a better and more refined action every time which reinforces your belief that you can do it.